How to get android messages on mac

How do I get my text messages on my Mac?

Open Messages on your Mac. Go to Settings > Messages on your iPhone and tap on Text Messages Forwarding. You will see your Mac (or Macs) listed here with an on off slider beside them. To allow your Mac to send and receive text messages turn the slider to green.

How do I connect my messages to my Mac?

Select Messages -> Preferences… in the menu bar. Select the iMessage tab. Tick the box next to Enable Messages in ‌iCloud‌ (this will keeps your messages in sync between your Mac and your iOS devices). Tick the phone number and email addresses at which you would like to be reached.

How do I download text messages from my Android to my Mac?

Make sure to follow them properly.

  1. Run the installed MobileTrans application on your Mac. …
  2. Click on the ‘Backup’ option on the launched screen of this message transfer application. …
  3. Check the ‘Text messages’ box to transfer your Android device messages and then click on the ‘Start’ button to start transferring.

Why isn’t my messages working on my Mac?

On a Mac, launch the Messages app and select Preferences in the app menu at the top-left of the screen. Go to the iMessage tab, and under your Apple ID, uncheck Enable this account. Reboot, then turn it back on. To be extra thorough, you may want to do this for every device you use with iMessage.

Why am I not receiving iMessages on my Mac?

4: Disable & Re-enable iMessage on Mac

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Open the “Messages” app on Mac. Pull down the “Messages” menu and choose Preferences. Go to the “iMessage” tab. Make sure the Apple ID is set properly, then check “Enable this account” is checked.

Why are my messages not syncing between my iPhone and Mac?

On iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Make sure that the Apple ID at the top of the screen is the same Apple ID that you’re using for iMessage on your other devices. … On Mac, open Messages, then choose Messages > Preferences. Click Accounts, then select your iMessage account.

How do I activate iMessage on my Mac?

How to set up iMessage on Mac

  1. Open the Messages app from your app menu bar (also called the dock). …
  2. Sign in with the same Apple ID you use on your iPhone to send iMessages. …
  3. On the upper menu bar, click “Messages” and select “Preferences.” …
  4. Choose the “Accounts” tab.

How can I see my text messages on my computer?

Open Android Messages and select the ‘Settings’ button on the top right, choose more options and select ‘Messages for web’. Then, use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the ‘Messages for web’ page. This will connect your phone to the services and your messages should automatically appear.

How do I transfer text messages to computer?

Save Android text messages to computer

  1. Launch Droid Transfer on your PC.
  2. Open Transfer Companion on your Android phone and connect via USB or Wi-Fi.
  3. Click the Messages header in Droid Transfer and select a message conversation.
  4. Choose to Save PDF, Save HTML, Save Text or Print.
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How can I transfer text messages from my Android to my computer?

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Android Messages installed on your phone. Go to on the computer or other device you want to text from. You’ll see a big QR code on the right side of this page. Open up Android Messages on your smartphone.

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