How to download video in android phone

How do I download videos onto my phone?

Download videos

  1. Make sure your Android phone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile network.
  2. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Movies & TV app .
  3. Tap Library.
  4. Find the movie or TV episode you’d like to download.
  5. Tap download . To remove or stop a download in progress, tap Download .

What is the best video downloader for android?

9 Best Android Video Downloaders For YouTube

  1. YouTube Go.
  2. Videoder. Videoder is a powerful YouTube video downloader for Android. …
  3. TubeMate.
  4. KeepVid. KeepVid is one of the best Android video downloaders and one of the most popular ones around. …
  5. Snaptube. …
  6. InsTube. …
  7. VidMate App. …
  8. YT3 Youtube Downloader.

How do I download an embedded video on Android?

But there are a number of video downloader apps which help you get the embedded video from many popular sites for free without any complications.

  1. SnapTube. Another similar popular Video Downloader App for Android. …
  2. Videoder. Videoder is another popular video downloading the app for Android. …
  3. InsTube. …
  4. 4KDownload.

How do I download new movies?

19 Best Free (And Legal) Movie Download Websites:

  1. The Internet Archive.
  2. Hotstar.
  3. Retrovision.
  4. The Roku Channel.
  5. Sony Crackle.
  6. Pluto TV.
  7. Open Culture.
  8. MoviesFoundOnline.

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Which app is good for download video?

You can download multiple videos at once. VidMate is a very useful app and it saves your time by allowing you to download videos from the internet in just a few seconds. You can then watch those videos when you are free. VidMate is currently the best video downloader available for Android.

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What is the safest YouTube downloader?

Comparison Of Top 5 YouTube Video Downloading PlatformsYouTube Video DownloaderPlatformRatings *****Y2Mate.comMacOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iPhone devices.5/5YouTube Video DownloaderMacOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android devices.4.7/5SaveFrom.netMacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhone devices.4.5/5

How do I download a YouTube video onto my phone?


  1. Open the YouTube app and find the video you want to download.
  2. Play the video and tap the share button.
  3. Select ‘YouTube downloader’ from the share menu.
  4. Choose a format to download in – mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file.
  5. Tap download.

Why can’t I download videos on my phone?

Try to clear your cache as well as app data of Google Play store. and restart your device and just open play store and start downloading app. If you have any update recently installed for your google play store uninstall it and restart your phone and try it again it will work. Check for Restricted Background data.

Can you download embedded video?

One approach many users often don’t consider is deploying an Android-based app like Advanced Download Manager to download embedded videos. These apps are ideal for the user who does most of their video watching straight from the phone screen – downloading a solution for your PC is just extra steps.

How do I download streaming video?

The 5 Best Tools to Download Streaming Video From Any Website

  1. Video DownloadHelper.
  2. 4K Video Downloader.
  3. Freemake Video Downloader.
  4. JDownloader.
  5. youtube-dl.

Where can I download free HD movies?

Best Movie Download Sites in 2020

  1. ARCHIVE.ORG. The Internet Archive is one of the best movie download sites that contains millions of free books, music, movies, software, websites. …
  2. YouTube: …
  4. YIFY movies: …
  8. MydownloadTube:
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How do I download from 123movies?

Steps to download 123movies video:

  1. Step 1 – View a video on or while watching a video.
  2. Step 2 – Copying the video URL & Going to 9xbuddy.
  3. Step 3 – Entering the URL & Getting download links.
  4. Bonus – Easy way (More like shortcut)

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