How to record a cell phone conversation on android

Can you record a phone call on android?

Many Android users have the Google Voice app installed on their phone, which makes it easy to record phone calls using a Google Voice account. Not only that, but the app allows you to record your calls for free. … Once done, you will be able to record incoming calls by simply hitting the “4” button on your keypad.

How do I record a mobile phone conversation?


  1. Download and install Automatic Call Recorder.
  2. Whenever you make or receive phone calls, the app will automatically start recording calls. You can turn this off by tapping the three dots icon on the top-right > Settings > Record calls > Off.
  3. You can select the format of recordings.

How can I record a call app on Android?

Creating and running a MediaRecorder

  1. Set the audio source using setAudioSource() . You’ll probably use MIC . …
  2. Set the output file format using setOutputFormat() . …
  3. Set the output file name using setOutputFile() . …
  4. Set the audio encoder using setAudioEncoder() .
  5. Complete the initialization by calling prepare() .

Does Samsung have call recording?

Samsung Call Recording has a simple dashboard layout to find calls quickly, with an in-built archiving functionality from the playback screens. Recordings can be sent via email or exported as WAV files.

How do I record on my Samsung phone?

Tap the Add icon + (located in the lower-right). Tap Voice (located at the top). Tap the Record icon (red dot located below memo) to begin recording. When finished, tap the Stop icon (square icon) to discontinue recording.

How can I record a call without them knowing?

1 is the best-hidden call recording app for android and it has many other features as well.

  1. Spyzie Call Recorder.
  2. Call Recorder Pro.
  3. iPadio.
  4. Automatic Call Recorder.
  5. TTSPY.
  6. Choose TTSPY.
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Why can’t I record calls on android?

Android allows only one recorder working, so you MUST remove ALL other recorders at first, otherwise Mobile Tracker Free will surely fail to record calls. … In some phones, disable the “Settings > Google > Search > Voice > Voice Match > Unlock with Voice Match” option.

How do I record a VoIP call on my Android phone?

So bottom line is there is no such app as of now to record VoIP calls in Android.

You can record both sides VoIP calls as the following videos.

  1. Record Skype Calls.
  2. Record Line Calls.
  3. Record WeChat Calls.
  4. Record KaKaoTalk Calls.
  5. Record ICQ Calls.
  6. Record IMO Calls.

How do you make a call recording app?

How to record calls on an Android with Call Recorder

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and download the Call Recorder app.
  2. Open the app, grant it permission to access your calls, contacts, etc., and then go to “SETTINGS” in the top-right corner.

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