Connect webcam to android phone

How do I connect my Logitech camera to my Android phone?

CameraFi: You can connect Logitech Web Cam C930 with Android …

  1. Launch the CameraFi App. [00:10]
  2. 2. Combine a USB cable with OTG. [00:18]
  3. Connect the OTG cable to Galaxy S6. [00:22]
  4. Allow the USB camera access. [00:27]
  5. Image capture. [00:30]
  6. Select video mode. [00:33]
  7. Change the resolution. [00:47]
  8. Select 1,920 X 1,080 (Full HD) [00:52]

How can I use a USB camera on my Android phone?

2. Use your android phone as webcam using USB.

  1. Setup your phone in debugging mode (Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging).
  2. Connect the phone to your computer via USB (don’t select storage mode if the phone asks while connecting USB).

How do I view my webcam on Android?

Launch the webcam application and click “Options” or “Tools” on the menu bar. Click “Camera Settings” or “Webcam Settings” option and ensure the installed webcam appears in the list and is active in the application.

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